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Kristen Handy


Kristen Handy


Kristen Handy, a new face to Northway. Please take note, that’s Kristen with an ‘E’. She has taken on the role of Account Executive and brought in our first client of the semester.

Kristen is married and is the mom of twin girls, Daisy and Josie. She lives in Monticello and loves it! While she loves to cook…and watch cooking shows, Kristen hates to clean. Who has the time anyway? We’d spend our time hanging with Kristen’s cool kids, too. Almost all her hobbies involve sitting in front of a screen, sad yet true, but we don’t fault her for that. Let’s be honest, most of us enjoy hours of video games and movies. After she graduates this coming spring, we’ll find Kristen somewhere local, doing designs.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Kristen, she hates pink.

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