The Northway Group

Welcoming Ruby to the Team

Ruby Hirdler of the Northway Group

Get to know Ruby!

Ruby is one of our new graphic designers and a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program! She told us that she likes being able to use her drawing skills to design different pieces of art for different clients. We knew Ruby would be a good addition to our team because she has the ability to work well with anyone!

In 10 years, Ruby hopes to have a great career all while starting her own family. For now, she is looking forward to working with clients that are coming to The Northway Group this semester.

Fun Facts About Ruby:

  • Her favorite design throwback era is the 1970s
  • She likes bold fonts
  • Her favorite software is Adobe Illustrator
  • Her favorite emoji is the laughing/crying face

We are so grateful to have Ruby on the team and are looking forward to her designs this semester!

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