The Northway Group

Welcoming Logan to the Team

Logan Herbst of The Northway Group

Get to know Logan!

Logan Herbst is a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program and is one of our new graphic designers. He said he chose to enroll in the MKAD program because he has always been a creative individual. The thing Logan is most excited about is learning both the creative and business side of The Northway Group.

In 10 years, Logan would like to be out of Minnesota and doing freelance design work. In his free time, he watches hours upon hours of graphic design related content on YouTube and hangs out with his pet snake, Jarvis.

Fun Facts About Logan:

  • His favorite design throwback era is the 1980s
  • His favorite font is called ‘Japanese 3017’
  • His favorite software is Adobe Photoshop and loves to play around with photo manipulation
  • His favorite emoji is the 100

We look forward to seeing Logan use his talents on The Northway Group’s upcoming projects!


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