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Catching Up with Haley Tikalsky

Haley Tikalsky of The Northway Group


Haley’s back & we couldn’t be happier!

Haley is a second-year student in the Marketing and Design program. She chose the MKAD program because she was interested in logo design. Being able to talk to anyone is definitely one of Haley’s strengths. She also stays very organized! Her favorite part of being in the Northway group is the camaraderie.

In 10 years, Haley would like to be living with her dogs in Minnesota while having a successful career in marketing.

Fun Facts About Haley:

  • Her favorite throwback era is either the 1970’s or 1980’s
  • Her favorite design trend is the Victorian look
  • Her favorite font is anything scripture
  • Her favorite software is Adobe Illustrator
  • Her favorite emoji is the smiley face with sunglasses

We are happy to have Haley in class! 

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