The Northway Group

Welcoming Dylan to the Team

Dylan Bahe of the Northway Group

Get to know Dylan!

Dylan Bahe is a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program. He has shown us his ambition since day one when he join us to not only be a graphic designer but an account executive and journalist as well! He says he is most excited to see how a real ad agency works and looking forward to this new semester.

In 10 years, Dylan wants to have completed school and gone into a great, long career in video editing. For now, he enjoys playing with his puppy when he’s not at school.

Fun Facts About Dylan:

  • His favorite design throwback era is the 1990s
  • His favorite design trend is the glitch look
  • His favorite software is Premiere Pro, but he is slowly coming to learn and love Adobe Illustrator
  • His most used emoji is the laughing/crying face

We are thankful to have Dylan on the team and can’t wait to see all his hard work this semester.


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