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This is Kiel’s second semester at St Cloud Technical and Community College, and his first semester participating in The Northway Group. This semester Kiel has taken on the role of “Creative” with TNG. Kiel hopes to gain professional experience from his role with TNG and eventually land a career as a fashion photographer.
Kiel has turned out many designs for us this semester and quickly became known for his ability to add a unique twist or fresh angle on his designs. Having many designs upvoted by his colleagues and some even chosen by our clients, Kiel’s contributions this semester have proven to be a valuable asset to our company.
When Kiel isn’t being kept busy with school work, his passion for photography, Disc Golf or bowling, there is a good chance he is at home re-arranging the furniture in his bedroom as he tends to do this weekly. Kiel loves singing to the point of wishing his own life was a musical.
We have thoroughly enjoyed your spirit and personality this semester Kiel. Thanks for all of your contributions!

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