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Today’s spotlight shines on…
Courtney hails from Princeton, MN and is a graduate of Princeton High School.
Courtney is currently in her second semester at SCCTC for Advertising Web Design, and also in her second semester with The Northway Group. Last semester Courtney contributed some amazing pieces as a Creative for TNG and also brought in a handful
of great clients for us when we badly needed some. This semester she continues to do that as well as taking on the role of Account Executive Lead.
When Courtney is not at school or working part time at Casey’s General Store, you could probably find her reading/writing poetry, self-teaching herself multiple programming languages, or hanging out with friends. During her senior year in high school she won an award for her graphite foreshortening piece.
Thank you so much for all of your various contributions Courtney. The Northway Group definitely would not be the same without you!

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