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Tina is currently in her second semester in the Advertising Communication and Design program, and this is also her second semester in The Northway Group. In her first semester with TNG Tina’s designs were always in the upper echelon of voting and were also selected by clients. This semester, in addition to gifting us with more impeccable designs, Tina has tackled the daunting task of “Project Manager”, which is basically the center of the spoke that our entire wheel relies on to keep turning. When Tina is not at school you might find her working at J.C. Penney or watching a MN Wild game. In 2015, Tina was honored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota as “Little Sister of the Year”. The Northway Group is proud to have an individual with the level of talent and organization that Tina possesses, in their ranks.
A different Tina once sang, “You know that big wheel keep on turning…and we’re rolling, rolling, rolling yeah”. Apropos, I would say. Thanks for keeping The Northway Group’s big wheel turning, Tina!

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