The Northway Group

Starting out the new Semester Strong

The Northway Group would like to welcome our three new CEOs: Andrea Yurczyk, Ashley Pipenhagen and Holly Pundsack. They have been busy getting this semester’s ad agency started, as well as our leads. This year’s leads are made up of four individuals: Melissa Kenney (Project Manager) Katie Carlson (Lead Creative), Victor Bruno (Lead Web) and Kelsey Zachman (Lead A.E.). Northway would also like to welcome back April Kortlever and Travis Sand.

This week we made a list of some clients we would like to work with this semester. Kelsey and Melissa have been working on getting the clients’ contact information so the account executives can begin to cold call. We had a mock client come in to show the new Northway members our creative process and critiquing style. We also showed the new account executives how to cold call clients. We taught the new Northway members how to mount and present their designs, as well as some tips and tricks with the Adobe programs.

We have a lot of new faces in Northway: Paige Boileau, Ashley Freeman, Megan Hayes, Jeremy Hebert, Sam Hoff, Shelley Jarju, Justin Kirkholm, Reanna Leuthard, Danielle Notch, Brittany Rech, Sam Seffes, Christy Sibley, and Nicole Spangenberg. They all are very eager and excited to learn how The Northway Group ad agency runs, which is exactly they kind of attitude we are looking for.

Success Freaks was our first client to come in this semester. Success Freaks is a company that consist of two men that do motivational speaking. To learn more about Success Freak visit their website click here. We are very excited to start designing for Success Freaks and all the other clients to come. It is going to be a fantastic semester.

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