The Northway Group

Spotlight of the Week!

Terrance Meemken
The first Spotlight of this semester features Terrance Meemken.

Terrance is a creative for our group. He is working towards his Advertising Communication and Design degree at SCTCC. He enjoys disc golfing, skateboarding and occasionally kicking around a hacky sack. If he could be any superhero he would be Thor. In 5 years he hopes to be in an ad-agency and wants to achieve a general sustained happy lifestyle. A few of his favorite television shows are Weeds, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Doctor Who. His favorite food is chicken and if he could own an exotic pet, he would own a tiger or monkey. Terrance prefers Facebook over Twitter, is inspired by Albert Einstein and does in fact believe in Bigfoot.

That is this week’s Northway Spotlight Terrance Meemken. Stay tuned for more spotlights and the opportunity to meet more of the awesome team we have here at The Northway Group.

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