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Jan Theisen

This week’s Northway Spotlight is Jan Theisen.

Jan is a Creative and Web for the Northway Group. Her favorite visual artist is Pablo Picasso because he changed the way artists approach a canvas. Jan’s biggest pet peeve is people who don’t respond or reply to a message in a timely manner. She has several movies she could watch over and over like ‘Heat’ starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. Jan listens to 80’s rock and country music. Her favorite toy as a child was a Drowsy doll that still talks, and now sells as a collector on eBay. The greatest advice Jan has is “Take life day by day and be grateful for all the little things. Don’t stress over what you cannot control.” Her hobbies include knitting, gardening and walking her two dogs. In five years Jan wants to be a freelance graphics and web designer working from my home.

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