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Jacob Goodall

The Northway Spotlight goes to Jacob Goodall this week!


Jacob is a Creative and Account Executive in the Northway Group. His favorite Visual Artists is a three way tie between Enkel Dika, Bansky, and Mark Rivard. He enjoys Mark’s work because he is a local artist and role model for young audiences through his skateboard art. Jacob’s biggest pet peeve is when people chew loud enough for others to hear. His favorite song is ‘My Hippy’ by Mod Sun and he loves to listen to it when he’s driving in his car with his windows down on summer nights. One movie that Jacob could watch without getting bored is the Lion King. He would watch it over and over again as a kid and hoped that Mufassa wouldn’t die. Jacob’s favorite quote is “I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it.” His favorite toy growing up was Legos, and they still are. The first CD He ever bought was the “One X” album by Three Days Grace. Jacob’s personal hobbies include boarding sports such as Skateboarding and Snowboarding as well as Outdoor Swimming. In five years from now Jacob hopes to be living in Seattle and working as a Web Designer.

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