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Spotlight of March

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Max Mattson

This week’s Northway Spotlight is Max Mattson.

Max’s favorite visual artist is Piet Mondrian for the de Stjil concept. His biggest pet peeve is when people don’t pull their weight or complete their role. Max listens to unorthodox from Joey Bada$$ because he can rap the whole song word for word. Max enjoys watching any Monty Python movies over and over. His greatest advice is “you can tell the size of a man by the size of the things that bother them.” Last year Max dressed up a G-Eazy for Halloween that was amazing. He enjoyed toy rockets and Playstation1 as a kid. The first concert Max saw was the Struts at First Ave. who he recommends others to see. Hobbies that interest Max are playing guitar constantly and building desktop computers. In five years Max would like to own his own business and building a solid career.

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