The Northway Group

Saving the Spotlight


Michaela Partch


This week’s Northway Spotlight is Michaela Partch.

Michaela is a Creative for The Northway Group. Her favorite visual artists are Salvador Dali, Alex Pardee, and Chris Buzelli. Michaela’s biggest pet peeve is when people bite their eating utensils. She also dislikes when people don’t close cupboards or drawers. Michaela loves to drive and jam out to Crystal Castles. Michaela could watch any Quentin Tarintino movie over and over and never get tired of it. Her favorite quote is, “The world doesn’t owe you anything.” For Halloween this year, Michaela wants to dress up as a Treasure Troll. Michaela’s favorite childhood toys are Elefun and Sit-n-Spin. The first CD she ever bought was TLC, and the first concert she ever went to was Good Charlotte. Michaela’s favorite hobby is painting. In five years Michaela sees herself somewhere far away designing.

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