The Northway Group

Our First Spotlight of this Semester


Christopher Voigt


This week’s Northway Spotlight is Christopher Voigt.

Christopher is a Creative and Account Executive for The Northway Group. His biggest pet peeve is when people don’t put their weights away at the gym. Christopher and his girlfriend love to sing loudly to any song on PROF’s newest album. He could watch Star Wars Episodes 4-7 over and over and never get tired of it. The greatest advice Christopher has ever gotten is, “Live life to the fullest.” His favorite Halloween costume had to be when his mom made him a Bulbasaur Pokemon costume. Christopher’s first concert he ever went to was Blondie at Grand Casino and the first CD he ever bought was The New Cars. Christopher’s favorite toy as a kid was his lime green Game Boy. His favorite hobbies are home-brewing and FPU drone racing. In five years Christopher says he wants to be working at an ad agency or at a brewery.

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