The Northway Group

Olivia Lamont

Olivia is a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program. She joined the program because she likes art and thought it would be practical to find a career that allows her to stay in touch with her creative side. Olivia sees herself as a leader and believes what makes a great leader is being easy to relate/talk to, understanding yet stern. Olivia thinks the role that best suits her is being a project manager or CEO. This is because she is organized and good at taking initiative.


Olivia says the animal that best represents her is the cat. This is because she likes naps and can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. If she could live in a book it would be The Great Gatsby because she likes the era in which it takes place. Olivia describes herself as energetic, clumsy, and hard working. She is a well-organized and creative asset to the Northway group. We’re very happy to have you on the team!

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