The Northway Group

No Fooling this Spotlight


April Edblad


Say hello to April! April is now in her second year at the Saint Cloud Technical and Community College as well as her second semester in The Northway Group. April’s is biggest pet peeve is negative attitudes, which makes her such a positive person! April’s favorite way to jam out is by turning the music up as loud as possible and having a loner dance party. Even though her favorite genre of movies is horror, she says the Santa Clause movie is one that she could never get tired of. The greatest advice that April gets is from her dad encouraging her that “life goes on” when she thinks her life is over. April’s favorite toy as a kid would have to be Barbies. Her first CD was Hilary Duff. Her favorite hobbies include Do It Yourself projects and make art. In 5 years she would like to work for herself or in an Advertising Company in Duluth. She would also like to be married with one or two kids and have a dog.


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