The Northway Group

Meet Travis Vander Weyst

Travis is a second year student in the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC. This semester he is our Account Executive Lead and a creative. Travis chose the MKAD program because he wanted to create something that made an impact. He’s always has been very interested in advertising and different marketing tactics. He believes that The Northway Group is a wonderful experience and he likes having the opportunity to work with other individuals in the program and seeing what they come up with.

In 10 years, Travis sees himself as a sustained, professional, and yet still a fun-loving individual. He’s always had the drive to better himself and create new and powerful pieces. Once he gets started on a project, Travis says it’s hard to get him to stop! He’s dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to finish the project, just how the client wanted. He’s great at working with clients and communicating with the other Account Executives. He loves modern design because of the use of intricate line movements, and the simplicity. Helvetica is one of his favorite fonts due to its power in advertising, its influence in typography and that it’s easy on the eyes, easily recognizable, and can be implemented in so many ways. In his opinion, Adobe Illustrator is one of the best designs software’s, because there are so many ways to use it.

We are happy to have Travis on the team! 

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