The Northway Group

Meet Rebecca Erickson

Rebecca is a creative this semester. She chose the MKAD program because she likes to draw and come up with new designs. Her favorite part of being in The Northway Group would be the great energy everyone has in class. She believes that the students get along very well, that they really try to helps each other to be the best designer they can be.

In 10 years, she wants to be married and owning her own business. She would like to be in the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area. She can come up with new designs quickly and enjoys talking to people. She believes that the best decade would be the 2000’s. To her, it started to be a cleaner look to designs and was not as busy and does not have too many colors.  Rebecca’s favorite design trend would be a more modern feel. She likes the clean look with the slight textures and the simple color palettes. Her favorite font would be anything that is easy to read with a mixture of thin and thick lines. Her favorite software would be Adobe Illustrator because it was the first software she learned to use, and it is the most versatile.  

We are happy to have Rebecca on the team!

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