The Northway Group

Meet Randy Bray

Randy is a creative this semester. He chose the Marketing and Design program because he’s a fan of anything that has to do with design. Ever since he was little, he’s wanted to be a graphic designer. When he heard about the Marketing and Design program, he thought that it would be a good experience and was something that he was interested in. His favorite part of The Northway Group is the ability to bounce ideas off peers because they may have a different idea or design for the same project or design for a client. Ultimately it is always good to get another perspective.

In 10 years, Randy hopes to see himself with a loving family in an executive position in his degree field. As of now, he doesn’t have a company in mind. He considers himself to be outgoing and friendly person. To Randy, the best decade based on design would be the 1940s because everything is hand drawn.

His favorite design trend would be minimalism because you are playing with a lot of white space, and it makes it appealing to the eye. He doesn’t have a favorite font because according to him it depends on the design that the designer may be working on and what works for what the clients want. His favorite software is would be Photoshop. Although, he is starting to like Illustrator because he likes knowing his art is going to be vectorized and won’t be pixelated when the size is changed. His most used emoji would be the heart emoji because he is a very affectionate person.

We are happy to have Randy on the team.

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