The Northway Group

Meet Olivia Lamont

Olivia is currently a CEO with the Northway Group. Olivia chose the Marketing & Design program because she has always been a fan of art and wanted to find a way to make a good career with drawing. The strengths that Olivia has is that she is good at taking charge when it is needed and can motivate people to help them become better designers. Olivia’s favorite part of the Northway Group is the variety of clients with different types of design requests.

In 10 years, Olivia would like to be running her own business in Minnesota. Olivia’s favorite decade of design is the 1970’s because the colors are vibrant and she enjoys the floral designs. She has two favorite fonts, Bevas Neu and Amper Sans. Olivia likes to stick to the simple and modern design trends. Olivia likes to use Illustrator because it is vector based and she can use it alongside other programs. Her favorite emoji is the crying laughing face.

The Northway Group is happy to have Olivia on the team!

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