The Northway Group

Meet Myrvan Halleland

Myrvan is an account executive and creative this semester in The Northway Group. He chose the Marketing and Design program because he has always been interested in marketing. When he was a kid, he used to watch the ads during the commercials instead of watching movies. When the movie would come on again, he would play with his toys instead of watching the movie. His favorite part of The Northway Group would be that he enjoys getting to talk with his nice classmates and loves the atmosphere.

In 10 years, he hopes to be able to shoot music videos and become a music video director. This applies to what his favorite software; Adobe Premiere (which is for video editing). He believes that the best decade would be the one we are in now because we are able to learn from other ones and this decade just has cool designs. His favorite trend would be more of the ‘retro faded out film’ look. His favorite font would be Helvetica because it is simple and tends to look good on everything. His most used emoji would either be the crying laughing face and the crying emoji with the tears coming down the face.

We are glad to have Mryvan on the team!

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