The Northway Group

Meet Megan Rausch!

Megan is in her first year in the Marketing and Design program. She decided to join the program after doing a job shadow and realized that she was more of a computer/artistic person. Megan has played both the leadership and follower role and has no problem taking charge and making sure things get done. Megan sees herself as a people person and says her previous jobs have helped her break out of her shell.


If Megan could live in a T.V. show it would be One Tree Hill because the group of friends in the show always look out for each other even while conflicts arise. If Megan could master one skill it would be car talk because then she wouldn’t have to pretend to know what is being talked about. Megan is a great asset to the team who offers a lot of creative ideas. Were grateful to have her on the team!

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