The Northway Group

Meet Mackenzie Field

Mackenzie is a second year in the Marketing and Design program and she is a current creative for the Northway Group. Mackenzie chose the Marketing and Design program after being on her high school yearbook team for 3 years. She enjoyed designing pages and has been told that she is good at writing. So, she wanted to pursue a career where she can use both her design skills and writing skills. Mackenzie’s favorite part of the Northway Group is that it is a fun and an interactive way to learn and gain experience.

In 10 years, Mackenzie would like to be married with kids and a successful career. There is no particular decade that she is drawn to because she believes that we can get ideas from different decades and make it into our own design. Mackenzie is a fan of the scripture fonts or a more clean/modern looking font depending on what design she is doing. The trend that she likes the most right now is movement, she got inspiration after seeing moving words on a restaurants web page. She likes using Adobe Illustrator because it is easy to use and her favorite emoji is the crying/ laughing face.

The Northway Group is glad to have Mackenzie on board!

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