The Northway Group

Meet Kyle Zirbes!

Kyle Zirbes is a second-year student in the Marketing & Design program. He joined the program because it sounded interesting and like something he would like to learn more about. Kyle sees himself as more of a leader and believes what makes a great leader is taking pride in leading. He says they need to be confident, caring, and understanding. Kyle enjoys being an AE lead and finds the experience rewarding, interesting and fun.


If Kyle could live in a movie it would be Star Wars. He finds it interesting and would love to see the different lands and would also like having special abilities. The animal Kyle thinks best represents him is the Dog because it is loyal, loving and protective. If he could master any one skill it would be communication. Kyle has served as an AE for the Northway group and has done a lot of great things. We’re proud to have him on our team!

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