The Northway Group

Meet Josh Miller

Josh is currently a design lead in the Northway Group. Josh chose the Marketing & Design program because he likes to solve problems creatively and is a very visual person. Some of Josh’s strengths are that he is good at visualizing art and creating different designs. Josh’s favorite part of the Northway Group is the team experience it gives each of the students.

In 10 years, Josh wants to move and work at a great job. Josh likes the outdoors and feeling alive. With being an outdoorsmen Josh enjoys the badge look to his designs, he likes bold likes and shapes with simple colors. Josh’s favorite font is Summit Rounded Heavy. The 1980’s and 1990’s are his favorite decade trends because of the bold lines. Josh likes to use Illustrator because it is a natural feeling of drawing on the computer and it is accessible with the other programs. His favorite emoji is the thumbs up or the crying laughing face.

We are thankful to have Josh’s skills, positive attitude and willingness to share his knowledge!

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