The Northway Group

Meet Jordan Zirbes

Jordan is a CEO & second-year student in SCTCC’s Marketing and Design program. He chose this program after doing a short time-lapse video for his job and having it turn out to be a big success. Jordan likes the marketing side of things and also playing into his strengths of coming up with ideas for other people. Jordan’s favorite part of being in The Northway Group is getting to sees his fellow classmates succeed. He likes to watch as people grow from doing a small design to potentially having something on a billboard.

In 10 years Jordan sees himself having a steady marketing job somewhere in Minnesota, so he can remain close to his family. Jordan has an energetic personality and is good at making people laugh. When it comes to designs, he likes the 1940s and 1950s. The war had motivated designs around those times and he finds them fascinating, although Jordans favorite design trend is going with more of a modern look. He likes boldface fonts and uses Illustrator because it is easy to use and easy to use alongside other programs. His most used emoji is the winky face.

We are grateful for Jordan’s leadership and his designs!

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