The Northway Group

Meet Jasmine Pelzer

Jasmine is a graphic designer and our website lead this semester. She chose the Marketing and Design program because she’s always been interested in the way advertising works and that there is such a creative side to it. Her favorite part about being in The Northway Group is how everyone receives the same guidelines from a client, yet the outcomes are always so different.  

In 10 years, she hopes to see herself with a marketing or design job based out of Minnesota that hopefully involves traveling. She believes that all the decades have their own unique spin on designs, but she really likes the opportunities that the current decade brings with the technology and effects. Currently, her favorite design trend would be duotone photos. She doesn’t have a specific font that she likes but types of fonts that she does like are the bold, unique or script fonts. Her favorite software is Adobe Illustrator but it really depends on what type of design the client is looking for. Although, it changes all the time, right now her most used emoji would be the cartwheeling girl.  

We are thankful to have Jasmine on the team! 

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