The Northway Group

Meet Daniela Muniz

Daniela is a second year student and a creative in The Northway Group. She chose the Marketing and Design program here at SCTCC because she enjoys to design and draw. One of Daniela’s strengths is being able to come up with many different ideas! Her favorite part of being in The Northway Group is seeing how an agency operates.

In ten years, Daniela wants to be living in Minnesota and working for a good company. The 1950’s was her favorite decade for designs. She doesn’t have a favorite design trend because each client she works on is different and she likes to incorporate the specific style of design the client wants. Daniela likes easy-to-read fonts and also likes to add in some fun fonts, as well. Adobe Illustrator is her favorite software to use because she can easily come up with drawings to show clients. Her favorite emoji is the “okay hand” symbol.

We are excited to have Daniela in The Northway Group this year!

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