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Morgan Pudans

Morgan Pudans


Morgan is back as CEO for her third semester.

One of Morgan’s pet peeves is when people put dirty dishes next to the dishwasher instead of putting them in. Because Morgan is a kid at heart she would say that The Lion King is one movie she could not get tired of. Morgan jams out to music is in her car on the way to school. Morgan’s favorite quote is by Kirby St. John, “To walk into a room with the belief that everyone loves you, even if they don’t!” The 32 toy horses that Morgan owned were her favorite toys as a kid. When Morgan was in first grade her mom created a hand-made an angel costume, and it was her favorite Halloween costume. Morgan’s first concert was a Green Day concert when she was 14. Her favorite hobbies include bow hunting for deer and turkey as well as fishing. 5 years from now Morgan would like to be working in the Advertising Field, hopefully for a company that she is passionate about.

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