The Northway Group

Joining Forces with Farm Friends Barn

A barn, a group of kids, and bushels of farming knowledge. Meet Farm Friends Barn, an agricultural learning center for kids. Located in Becker, Minnesota, the organization is run out of a refurbished barn. Their primary goals are to educate kids on where their food comes from and how food systems work. Some topics that they cover include: canning food, how to maintain a rain garden, and the importance of bee pollination. They want everyone, but especially kids, to understand the importance of making healthy food choices and growing food locally. Just this week, our ad agency was fortunate to meet with Jean, the Chairwoman of Farm Friends Barn. She explained to us her organization’s current position. While there is still much to do before she can officially open her doors, she is excited about the future. That is where we come in. Jean has needs for her organization, and we are ready to deliver more than expected, sooner than expected.

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