The Northway Group

Gearing Up For Fall 2011!

by Cat Gilliam

The members of The Northway Group convened for the first time this semester on Monday, August 29, and all (returning members and newcomers alike) are eagerly anticipating being a part of TNG for Fall 2011.

With an exceptional mix of seasoned veterans and fresh new talent, Fall 2011 promises to be one of TNG’s most exciting semesters yet. Of the 23 students that comprise TNG, eight are returning from previous semesters to continue contributing their experience and talents, while 15 new members have signed on to lend TNG their gifts in the various areas of the Advertising industry.
The Northway Group is proud to welcome Chelsea Hennek, Tracy Hieserich, and Kelsey Johnson as this semester’s co-CEO’s. All three of these young women have proven to be valuable members of TNG is semesters past, and are certain to maintain the high level of professionalism and productivity that clients have come to expect from TNG. Other returning members to TNG are Cat Gilliam, Laura Hill, Brittany Kurtz, Sam Stawski, and Adam Vogel.
The arrival of bright new talent to TNG includes: Mike Bayless, Liz Bromenschenkel, Victor Bruno, Katie Carlson, Ben Ehrlichman, Jason Graf, John Hirdler, Melissa Kenney, Nikki Liesch, Ashley Pipenhagen, Kayla Przybilla, Holly Pundsack, Travis Sand, Tara Schroeder, Bethy Windsperger, and Andrea Yurczyk.
The Northway Group will be working with past clients as well as new ones, and will also be continuing its work with a new, exciting, and unique business coming soon to Central Minnesota. As always, we will strive to bring existing and new clients…
“More Than Expected, Sooner Than Expected”
Stay tuned, it’s going to be an awesome semester!

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