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Client’s Choice: Josh with HFHC

 Josh with HFHC


 Client’s Choice

Chosen Designer: Josh Miller, Graphic Designer & CEO

Client: Happy Feet Hoof Care

Account Executive: Olivia Lamont

Pieces: Logo, business card, informative flyer, and a truck decal


The Story Behind the Artwork

Happy Feet Hoof Care’s John Middleton came to The Northway Group looking to have us create a logo, business card, an informative flyer about his business/offered services and a big decal for his truck. He also knew he wanted his favorite color to be incorporated, orange. Josh spent four hours, using Adobe Illustrator, designing for HFHC. John was blown away and so were we! We are lucky to have such talent on our team.

Congratulations to Josh for being the client choice! 


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