The Northway Group

Meet Daniela Muniz!

Daniela is a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program. She joined the program because she knew it would help her in pursuing Graphic Design and Animation. Daniela believes that as a leader she would serve well as a project manager.

If Daniela could master one skill it would be swimming because she’s lived near tons of beaches for most of her life and never went farther than she could walk. The animal that she thinks best describes her is a dog because she can get extremely excited about the things she loves but is down to take a nap 90% of the time. We’re super excited to have her on the team as well!

Throwback Thursday!

On January 10th, 2018 the snow was flying and the wind was blowing, yet the Northway Group wouldn’t let that stop them from helping out fellow alumni. When Matt Weatherly from Street Factory Media asked for a hand with a flash mob promoting the MN United FC’s season, the students from the Northway Group jumped at the opportunity. The experience was a great way for the group to get experience and have fun in the process. Besides, who is thinking about the temperature when you get to sing Wonderwall for all the lucky people working down town.

#ScarvesUpMN #MNUFC

Meet Amanda!

Amanda Hartnell is a second year in the Marketing and Design program. She’s a CEO at Northway and took first place at State DECA this year. A true asset to the Northway Group. Amanda chose this program because she has been working with the adobe programs since high school and was interested in marketing. Amanda believes that a true leader must understand communication. If you cannot communicate well with others then things may not work out so well.

The animal that Amanda best identifies with is the elephant because of their intelligence, protectiveness, confidence, and spiritual demeanor. If she could time-travel, she would go back in time to the early 1900’s to see how people lived. She appreciates the retro culture.

Todays Spotlight!

Randy has been with Northway Group for 2 years now and quickly honing his adobe suite skills, this year randy has also taken on the giant task of managing the marketing team and maintaining the northway website. Randy’s work has been viewed and selected by several real world clients. He enjoys listening to Jazz and rap music to get inspiration before he puts pencil to paper on designs/logos for the northways clients. Way to go Randy keep up the great work!

Meet Abigail Green!

Abigail is a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program. Although she’s a first year, she has displayed great talent in both design and with working with others. When trying to get to know her better we asked her what word she believes best describes her, to which she responded “Jovial” because this is her default setting. If Abigail could time-travel, she would go to the future to see if she ever got the Chow Chow, baby cow, two goats, and pig that she’s always wanted.

Abigail believes that to be a great leader, one must have great understanding and problem-solving skills. A leader must always want what’s best for the team and inspire them as well. Abigail sees herself as being a Creative lead because she sees herself as more of a Creator.

Todays Spotlight

        Jabreel Abdi Is in his second semester with the Northway Group but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the quality of work he has been putting out. Jabreel is a big fan of 90’s rap and often has it on in the background while he works on designs for his Clients. Keep up the great work Jabreel!


Haley Tikalsky

Haley is part of our creative team as she likes to come up with creative ideas and showing them off. She is currently attending SCTCC and is enrolled in the Marketing and Design program. An inspiration for Haley’s creativity comes from the book Dark Promise: Between Worlds by Julia Crane. She explains it as a very exciting book about light and the dark fairies, and it fits her love for supernatural/romance books. It is a source of inspiration for her. If the chance arose to become an animal Haley would choose to be a cat, because cats are crazy, high energy, and shy at first.

If Haley could travel to the past, she would choose a time when dinosaurs ruled the world as she loves learning about them and watching the Jurassic Park movies. A skill Haley would like to master would be to prefect her gaming ability. She is not good at horror games or time limit ones, although she loves to play video-games even despite that fact. A word Haley would use to describe herself is ambitious as she is always willing to try new things in life. Haley sees herself as a leader that knows how to keep everybody on track, stay organized, and make sure everybody turns their work in on time.

Today’s Spotlight


Daylin was homeschooled throughout her high school career, and she joined the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC because she’s always been interested in copywriting and page layouts that will grab any readers attention.

A word Daylin would use to describe herself is perky as she is very kind and has a love for God, her friends, and her family. She is interested in acting and would love to be a Sight and Sounds Theatre Actress.

With The Northway Group she is a Creative. Her design style reflects herself, and she is doing a spectacular job listening to that the client wants and providing it. Thank you, Daylin!

Today’s Spotlight


Jewel graduated from Perpich Center for Arts and Education and joined the MKAD Program at SCTCC so she could make art. She loves creating and having fun with her creativity. She chose the word lame to describe herself, but that is hardly true as she has a spunky personality with very artistic influences.

With The Northway Group, she is a Creative and has produced some wonderful designs for our clients. This is her first year in the program, and we are excited to see how she grows.

Today’s Spotlight



Daniela started high school at Paramount High in California, but finished the rest of her schooling in Sartell. She chose the MKAD Program at SCTCC because the graphic design side caught her interest. She enjoys drawing, and would love to be a comic artist or a 2D animator.

Daniela is a Creative with TNG and does an amazing job coming up with creative ways to approach designing. We have thoroughly enjoyed her work, and can’t wait to see where the future takes her!