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An Irish Spotlight for an Irish Holiday



Vincent Knisley


The Spotlight shines on Vincent Knisley this week!

Vincent is a Creative, Account Executive, and the Social Media Lead in the Northway Group. His favorite Visual Artists are Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent likes Van Gogh for more than just sharing the same name, Van Gogh played a huge role in his interest in art. Vincent’s biggest pet peeve is when people butcher the English language and use poor grammar. Vincent’s favorite songs to jam out to are ‘Pardon Me’ by Incubus and ‘I’ll Follow You’ by Shinedown. . Vincent could watch the movie Airplane over and over again and never get tired of it His favorite quote is, “Just because ‘x’ happened doesn’t mean ‘y’ caused it.”-Sheldon Cooper. His favorite toy as a kid was his imagination, which is still his greatest source of entertainment. The first concert Vincent ever went to was the Shinedown concert in 2013 at The Target Center. His favorite hobbies include playing billiards and reading. Five years from now Vincent hopes to be working in the design field as a Web Design and Developer.

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