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Adam Studer

Adam Studer


Adam has reclaimed his Creative title this semester but has added Account Executive to the mix.

In addition to his dual roles in The Northway Group, Adam is a man of many talents. A father of four, he can translate biblical Greek, write and record his own music and has broken nine bones during his lifetime, though we’re not sure whose bones they were. A dollar saved or a dollar made has no bearing to Adam as he already spent it but whether half empty or half full, there is always enough in his glass. His greatest strength, last minute projects, seems to contradict his greatest weakness: waiting until the last minute. Whether early or late, we can count on him. After graduating, Adam will seek employment at an advertising agency right here in Central Minnesota and many years down the road, he plans to have the same tee time every day.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Adam, she wears sweatpants.

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