The Northway Group

A turn in the Spotlight


Kristen Handy


Kristen Handy is not a stranger to The Northway Group. This semester she has come back as our wonderful Lead Account Executive. Kirsten loves to sing and dance in her car to anything on her Pandora station. She loves movies and The Poltergeist is one that she could watch over and over without getting tired of. The greatest advice anyone has given her was that it gets better. Kirsten’s favorite toy as a kid was her boom box. One year she went as Simba from The Lion King for Halloween and she was so happy! Kirsten’s first CD was Blink 182, Enema of the State. Some of Kirsten’s hobbies include watching foreign films, playing video games, and exploring new places. In 5 years Kirsten would like to be happy with her family and work as a designer somewhere near Monticello.

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