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Michael Green


Michael Green


Michael Green, another of our fearless CEO leaders, is in his second Northway semester. He is also one of our amazing photographers; he was the man behind the camera for most of our spotlight shots.

Michael is such an active guy, we have a hard time keeping up with him. He enjoys traveling, camping, biking and just being outside and practices his love of photography while doing all of his favorite activities. Someday Michael hopes to be an action sports photographer around the world, which will also incorporate all of the things he likes best. He’s a positive guy all around and despite preferring city life, he’d also rather live in the mountains. We do know Michael’s an excellent public speaker but rarely smiles when doing so. He actually looks angry but don’t let that fool you! Even though he has issues staying focused, he’s nicer than he seems.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Michael, she slept with the whole football team.

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