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Symone Weinandt


Symone Weinandt


Symone Weinandt (that’s wine-it) is another new member of The Northway Group. The Ad program isn’t her first rodeo at SCTCC but we’re glad she switched to it. Symone is an Account Executive and a Creative and is doing swimmingly in both roles.

Symone is a 25-year-old creative soul that loves all things music and art. She plays guitar, piano, harmonica and she dabbles in the drums but her musical passion is singing. Basically, she’s a one-woman band. Like many of the Northway-ers, Symone enjoys Netflix and video games. But unlike the rest of us, she wrote and illustrated a children’s book that is in the process of being published. Someday Symone would like to live in the country, in a lake house to be exact. Restate: lake house…but somewhere with a warmer climate which definitely narrows down the place. Included in the warmer lake place will be a sweet boat. And definitely family. And probably friends. With Chipotle next door so she can have a steak bowl with sour cream, cheese and guacamole every day for the rest of her life.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Symone, the line was created by all men, but for women.

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