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For your enjoyment: our sixth Spotlight

Sarah Goenner


Sarah Goenner


Sarah Goenner (phonetically, it’s Gun-ner. In case you’re as curious as we were) is in her first semester in the Advertising Communication and Design program and The Northway Group. She has taken the lead as one of our four CEOs this semester.

Sarah is no stranger to school as she has a B.A. in art with an emphasis in ceramics and jewelry/metals. She hopes to apply her love of design through a different media. While we’re on the subject of love, we have to mention the love of Sarah’s life: her amazing 5-year-old daughter. You know, the one that makes Sarah an early bird that gets the worm. That’s no bother to her because the glass is always half full, even if it’s empty. But back to Sarah’s other loves: she’d love to be an art jeweler and live a modest life in the country, she loves her space and she loves food! In fact we can, with 89% certainty, say that Sarah loves to love (she used the word six times on her blog post questionnaire.) Even though she bizarrely enjoys making up songs and speaking gibberish with her daughter, we know she is the “wisdom” of The Northway Group! (Seriously, she told us.)

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Sarah, she actually loves wearing men’s clothing.

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