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Dayna Voller

Dayna Voller


Dayna Voller, a self-described fiery redhead with a great personality, joins Northway for her first semester in the Advertising Communication and Design program at SCTCC. She has entered the duo realm of Account Executive and Creative.

Dayna is a small-town, outdoor-loving girl from West Union, Minnesota, though we’re not exactly sure where that is. Whatever the case, she spends her time hunting, camping, horseback riding…or really anything outside. And speaking of horseback riding, Dayna is the proud owner of two horses, two cats and a dog. She’s quiet when you first meet her but once you get to know her, look out! She loves to have fun and lives her life to the fullest extent possible. As a photography enthusiast, Dayna would like to someday own a photography and design studio, specializing in portrait photography. (We’ve seen her work; she is creatively fun with the poses!)

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Dayna, she makes midnight trips to McDonald’s to satisfy her craving for a Big Mac meal.

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