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Spotlight of the Week: Aaron Moore

Aaron Moore
This Spotlight features Aaron Moore one of our fearless CEO’s.
Aaron is currently working towards obtaining his Advertising Communication and Design degree. He is from Princeton, Minnesota and a hobby of his is simply saving the galaxy while chilling on his couch. If he could be any superhero he would be Batman because he is an average person who discovered that he could be great. His dream job is to work as an account executive for an ad agency somewhere along the east coast. His favorite television show is The Leftovers and his favorite movie is How to Train your Dragon. When asked what his favorite food is he replied, “Pizza. All Day. Every day.” If Aaron could own an exotic pet he would choose a Hippogriff, hands down. He prefers Twitter over Facebook, is inspired by his parents and does believe in Bigfoot.
PS: Bigfoot is why he doesn’t eat beef jerky in the woods.
That is this week’s Spotlight Aaron Moore.
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Stay tuned for more Spotlights in the near future, where we learn more about the individuals we have in The Northway Group.  

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