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Spotlight of the Week: Cody Jost

Cody Jost 
This week’s first Spotlight features Cody Jost.
Cody is a Lead Creative for our group. He is currently working on getting his Advertising Communication and Design degree. He is from Albany, Minnesota and a hobby of his is playing semi-pro football in the Spring and Summer. Cody loves movies and has a large collection consisting of mainly comedies. If he could be any superhero he would be Batman because of his crime fighting skills, determination, strength, and optimism. In 5 years, he sees himself working on a computer, designing logos and ads. He would love to work on the coast for a fun and creative business. Cody’s favorite television series is Supernatural, his favorite food is homemade noodles soaked in bacon grease with chopped bacon mixed in. If he could own an exotic pet he would own a shark, preferably a Great White or Mako. He prefers Facebook over Twitter, is inspired by anyone who can provide a different view on life and he does in fact believe in Bigfoot. 
That is this weeks Northway Spotlight Cody Jost.  
Stay tuned for more Spotlights where we feature the individuals in The Northway Group.

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