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Spotlight of the Week: Missy Olmscheid

Missy Olmscheid
This Northway Spotlight features Missy Olmscheid.
Missy is a Project Manager for our group. She is double majoring in advertising and web design. She is from St. Augusta, Minnesota, loves to draw, read, write and play video games. If she could be any superhero she would be Spiderman because of his ability to climb walls and ceilings, also to get from here to there faster. In 5 years Missy see’s herself working at a local ad agency as a graphic designer. Her favorite television series is The Walking Dead, her favorite food is mash potatoes and gravy. If she could own an exotic pet she would own a chinchilla because they are adorable. Missy prefers Facebook over Twitter but thinks Pinterest is better than both. Missy is inspired by her mom, dad, and older sister. She used to believe in Bigfoot, but doesn’t anymore.
That is this week’s Spotlight Missy Olmscheid.
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