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Spotlight of the Week: Jake Friedrichs

Jake Friedrichs
This weeks Northway Spotlight features Jake Friedrichs.
Jake is a creative lead for our group. He is currently working towards graduating with an Advertising Communication & Design degree, as well as a Web Design degree. Jake is from Osakis, Minnesota. He enjoys working out, goose, duck and deer hunting. If he could be any superhero he would be Captain Underpants so he could walk around all day in his underwear. His five year plan is as follows: Graduate in a year and a half, then in two years have a job, and in five years have a family as well as a great career in advertising and graphic design. His favorite television series is Supernatural, his favorite food is Pizza (preferably Dominos). If he could own an exotic pet he would own a Lima Monkey. Jake prefers Facebook over Twitter is inspired by old veterans, and he does in fact believe in Bigfoot.
That is this weeks Northway Spotlight Jake Friedrichs.
Stay tuned for more Northway spotlights where we highlight the members of The Northway Group.

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