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Spotlight of the Week: Dan Ploof

Dan Ploof 
This Week’s Northway Spotlight features Dan Ploof.
Dan is one of the CEO’s of our group. He is currently working towards earning his Advertising Communication and Design degree as well as a Web Design degree. He is from St. Cloud, Minnesota, loves working in photoshop (and using gradients) and enjoys playing frisbee golf in his spare time. If Dan could be any superhero he would be Ironman because of the skills he possesses. In five years he sees himself working at a design firm. Dan’s favorite television series is the HBO series Generation Kill. His favorite food is pizza. If he could own an exotic pet he would own a Komodo Dragon. When asked whether he prefers Facebook or Twitter, he chose Facebook. Dan is inspired by George S. Patten, Anthony Bourdain, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Tim Minchin and Erwin Rommel. When asked whether he believes in Bigfoot, he replied: “Everytime i look in the mirror”.
That is this week’s Northway Spotlight Dan Ploof!
Check back next week for another Spotlight, where we feature the members of The Northway Group.

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