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Spotlight of the Week: Kat Zwilling

Kat Zwilling
Our last Northway Spolight of the semester features Kat Zwilling!
Kat is an account executive for our group. She is currently working toward earning her Advertising Communication and Design degree from SCTCC. Kat is from Foley, Minnesota. She enjoys snowboarding, coupling, and remodeling. If Kat could be any superhero, she would be Batman, so she could fight crime without recognition. In 5 years, Kat sees herself moving out of St. Cloud. Her favorite television shows are Shameless, Breaking Bad, and Friends. Some of her favorite food is peanut butter, bacon, and milk. If she could own any exotic pet she would own a liger. Kat prefers Facebook over Twitter, is inspired by her family and does in fact believe in Bigfoot.
That is this semester’s last Northway Spotlight Kat Zwilling!
It has been a great semester for The Norway Group! So many great students, and clients!
We are looking forward to next semester where we will have some new faces to add to our group! 
Until then, Happy Holidays!

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