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Spotlight of the Week: Kat Zwilling

Kat Zwilling
This week’s Northway Spotlight features Kat Zwilling.
Kat is a creative for our group. She is currently attending SCTCC and is looking to earn her Advertising Communication & Design degree. She is originally from the Foley area. In her free time, Kat enjoys taking photos, cooking, snowboarding, and working out. One of Kat’s career goals is to have a career she loves, and excel at it. When asked if she would rather have the ability to fly or read peoples minds, Kat would prefer to fly. If Kat could go back to a certain time era, she would go back to the 40 & 50’s era. If she could have one meal for the rest of his life Kat would choose any meat and potatoes. Her parents inspire Kat because they are the hardest working people she knows. If Kat could learn to do one new thing she would like to learn how to be taller. When asked Where’s Waldo? Kat responded with: hiding.
That is this week’s Northway Spotlight Kat Zwilling.
Check back next week for more Spotlights where we highlight members of The Northway Group.

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