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Spotlight of the Week: Janelle Fitch

Janelle Fitch

This week’s Northway Spotlight is Janelle Fitch.
Janelle is a creative for our group. She is currently attending SCTCC and is looking to earn her Advertising Communication & Design degree. She is originally is from a little town up north called Aitkin. In her free time, Janelle enjoys making her children smile and scrapbooking. One of Janelle’s career goals is to work for an in-house advertising agency like The Children’s Place or JC Penny. When asked if she would rather have the ability to fly or read peoples minds, Janelle would like to read people’s minds because she would know if she was doing the right design. It would also be helpful when interviewing for a job. If Janelle could go back to a certain time era she would go back to the Jurassic period to see all the dinosaurs, and see if the hypothesis about their lives and how they looked. If she could have one meal for the rest of his life, Janelle would choose any kind of pasta. Jeff Palm inspires Janelle because “he pushes me to be the best I can be, and he believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.” Her favorite word is inspiration, because without it, she couldn’t design. She would like to speak Spanish and Somali to be a bigger asset to a company. When asked Where’s Waldo? Janelle responded with: hiding in Jeff’s pocket.
That is this week’s Northway Spotlight Janelle Fitch.
Check back next week for another Northway Spotlight, where we feature members of The Northway Group.

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