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Spotlight of the Week: Jonathan Christman

Jonathan Christman
Jon is a lead creative for our group. He is currently attending SCTCC and is looking to earn his Advertising Communication & Design degree. Jon is originally from the Foley area. In his free time, he likes to play guitar, write music, and play video games with his friends. Jon’s career goals are to record albums with a band, and work at a top design company. 
When asked if he would rather have the ability to fly or read peoples minds, he would like to fly. If Jon could go back to a certain time era, he would want to check out the Seattle grunge scene of the early 90’s. If he could have one meal for the rest of his life he would choose steak and lobster. Jon is inspired by the musicians he listens to every day. His favorite word is breadbasket, and he would like to learn how to play the violin. When asked Where’s Waldo? Jon responded with: in our hearts.
That is this week’s Northway Spotlight Jonathan Christman!
Check back later this week for another Northway Spotlight!

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